Our company, Giuseppe e Mauro Fantozzi & C. s.a.s., was founded in Cesenatico in 1979. We work in the fruit and vegetable wholesale sector and we are specialized in the production of onions.Our mission is to provide our buyers with a high quality product that combines modern technologies and the manual labor tradition.
More and more attention has recently been given to the healthiness of the marketed product. Greater awareness has been raised about the exclusive use of products allowed by the law for pest and disease control, since those diseases may damage the products in the countryside. Following analysis carried out in partner laboratories allow us to have a further control over quality and residues. Therefore, we can offer additional information to our customers and comply with our HACCP principles.
During the production cycle, we use new varieties of seeds – excluding GMO seeds – to provide our consumers with a product which preserves its characteristics over the time after its purchase, without deteriorating or sprouting.With regard to the cultivation of our products, we rely on specialized farmers who have been working with us for years. Thanks to their constant communication and their attention to the product, we can sell high quality and safety products on the market. Farms are involved in the harvest of red and white onions and in their manual packaging into our packages, thus preserving the onion quality.In the last few years, red and white onions have become our core products, thanks to our constant attention to quality.
We have been currently processing about 5,000 tons of onions for the domestic market and the European market (UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, and Poland).
Recently, the company has built a new establishment in its location, which is used as a cold storage to improve the onion preservation, thanks to the use of the latest generation machinery.